The Author - S C Cunningham

S C Cunningham is British born of Irish parents, her homeland is Co Wicklow, Ireland. She lives in London with her Artist daughter Scarlett Raven and cuddly bear of a dog 'Dali', 100 lb's of fluffy white Pyrenees Mountain Dog.

Cunningham and Raven love dogs, they once helped take care of a wonderful 140lb rescue dog called Joe. He touched their hearts and was the inspiration for the Ginormous Joe series. Cunningham provides the storyline, Raven the illustrations and Joe the cheeky poses.

A royalty share of the books goes to SPIN rescue, the charity that saved Joe from certain death, thus allowing him to repay the debt and help save others like him.

Ginormous Joe is an uplifting, good wins over evil, series of picture books for children and a must-have for Scarlett Raven art collectors.

Author - S C Cunningham -
Illustrator - Scarlett Raven -
Charity - SPIN Rescue -