About Me

Hello, my name is Joe. I am a big, white, huggable, cross-eyed dog.

I had a very mean owner called Nasty Nik. He was so mean that I lost my confidence and my bark. One day he didn?t want me anymore, so he left me on the streets. I was scared and hungry. Luckily the kind Tuttle family found me, and took me home. With lots of love, hugs and laughter they made me healthy and happy again.

Young Mary Tuttle became my best friend. I was embarrassed with all the other dogs, because I was big like a lion but had the bark of a little mouse, they laughed at me. Mary didn't laugh; she gave me love, hugs and helped me to get my courage back.

When a burglar came to our house, imagine my surprise to see that it was Nasty Nik... I was scared again, but love mends a broken bark.

Life with the Tuttles is fun, but I do have a few questions;

'Why does Mrs Tuttle pick up my poos with a plastic bag, what does she do with it all?'

'Why do the Tuttles changes their clothes every day? I have one white fur coat and it suits me just fine'